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Three Square Business Tower, Administrative Capital

Project’s details


It is located in the government financial district, where it is located between two main axes, the ministries axis, 100 meters directly in front of the presidential parks

About the project

It is located on an area of 5100 square meters, where the area contains an entire administrative building

Unit types

administrative units

Unit area

The spaces in the Three Square Tower Mall start from 40 meters up to 2500 square meters.



Delivery period

3 years

payment plan

10% down payment over 4 years up to 12 years

Information about Three Square Business Tower

Three Square Business Tower – Dominar Real Estate Development Company announced the launch of its first projects in the Administrative Capital, and our goal is to build a prosperous and distinguished environment that includes an integrated project with pioneering skill while providing the latest innovations and designs that add value and efficiency

Just as Dominar company has chosen the distinguished location as it is located in the most vital areas of the administrative capital, where it is located in the heart of the financial district, and all this means that our customers get a high-quality product at a special price and within a reasonable time frame. Also, Dominar has great experience in the field of real estate and its business speaks for itself. Where it has many works in the most vital areas in the heart of Cairo.

Three Square Business Tower services in the administrative capital

Three Square Business Tower has designed the project with many distinctive services, all to meet the needs of customers and provide all means of comfort and luxury to make the project complete and integrated. Among the services available in the project:

  • Artificial lakes to give joy to the place.
  • Land scape and green spaces.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day, equipped with the latest cameras and surveillance equipment.
  • It also includes panorama elevators.
  • The project is also operated by the solar energy system.
  • Garden control system.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • There is also Wi-Fi service.
  • Regular maintenance office.
  • There is also a cleaning and sterilization unit for the mall.
  • Meeting and conference rooms.

And all of this was provided for the company’s clients to provide all the comforts, as there are many services that serve your office or company, all with different areas and a package of distinctive prices and multiple payment methods that suit our customers.

For more information, call the Three Square Business Tower sales number, the Administrative Capital



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