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Levels Business Tower New Capital

Project’s Details


It is located on the first row of the tourist towers in the downtown area of the new administrative capital, in addition to being located on the Green River

About the project

About the project The Levels Business Tower project is one of the works of the Urban Lines Real Estate Development Company

Unit types

Commercial, administrative and hotel

Unit area

Administrative spaces in Levels Business Tower Mall start from 40 meters. Commercial spaces in Levels Business Tower Mall start from 50 meters.


The price per square meter in the administrative area starts from 38,000 to 49,500 EGP.
And the price per square meter in the commercial starts from 135,000 to 250,000 Egyptian pounds.

Delivery Period

3 years

Payment systems

10% down payment and installments over 6 years

Details of Levels Business Tower Mall, Administrative Capital

Levels business tower new capital is the first and largest edifice issued under the supervision of the largest companies in the real estate market, and it is the real estate development arm, the Urban Lines Investment and Real Estate Development Company, which issued the first two-in-one tower and is divided between The company that owns the Levels Business Tower project, the administrative capital, has also succeeded in choosing the most distinguished places in the heart of the administrative capital in the Downtown area. Offering the largest variety of spaces and prices that suit all tastes and categories, as it adds a new world in the real estate market, beside international engineering designs and a wonderful view. Take the opportunity and invest your money in the right place.

Levels Business Tower Administrative Capital Services

Levels Business Tower in the new administrative capital is also characterized by the fact that it contains all the facilities and services at the highest and highest level and with international designs, as it adds a new world in one of the fourth generation cities, as it has provided the largest variety of spaces and prices, and you have some of the services it provides.

  • Security and guard services.
  • There are also surveillance cameras and a fire-fighting security system.
  • Kids area.
  • Electric ladders.
  • Elevators are also available for ease of movement.
  • Wi-Fi services.
  • There is also an area of cafes and international restaurants.
  • Mosque.
  • There are maintenance and sterilization services throughout the day.
  • Electronic portals.
  • Central conditioning.

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