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Taj Tower

Project’s details


Taj Tower is located in the heart of the CBD Central Business District in the Administrative Capital, overlooking the Green River and all its features, including the iconic tower “the tallest skyscraper in Africa”.
We will also find that Taj Tower in the new administrative capital is very close to the most important landmarks in the administrative capital, such as:

  • Al Masa Hotel
  • Diplomatic Quarter
  • gold market
  • In addition, the green river
  • Egypt Mosque.
  • government district
  • Business District
  • in addition to Opera House
  • Embassies District
  • City of Arts and Culture
  • Petroleum and insurance companies
  • Monorail train station
  • In addition, the parliament building.

About the project

Taj Tower New Capital is the latest project of Taj Egypt, which is the largest commercial administrative tower in the CBD Central Business District in the Administrative Capital.

Which comes as a complement to a series of successes of De Joya’s compounds in the Administrative Capital, which are characterized by their distinctive design and distinct locations.

The tower consists of 45 floors and is located directly in front of the iconic tower, the highest tower in Africa, and in addition to the Green River.

The skyscraper contains different units ranging from shops to administrative offices, designed to the highest level.

Unit types

commercial, administrative

Unit area

The spaces start from 24 square meters up to 1200 square meters


Super Lux Finishing with A\C


Prices in the destination walkway start from 1,750,000 Egyptian pounds

Payment systems

10% – 10 years

Information about Al-Maqsad Walkway, the administrative capital

Al Maqsad Walk of the New Administrative Capital City Edge Real Estate Development Company announced the progress of the first tourist walkway within the Maqsad Compound in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It is a distinctive and multi-use project inside the destination residences in the open air, next to open green spaces, and multi-use walkway units to suit all tastes and lifestyle integrated.

The Al-Maqsad Walkway is also a dynamic way to revitalize the destination neighborhoods, and expand to communicate with the new administrative capital.

Al Maqsad Walk will be home to a range of facilities and amenities to create an unforgettable living experience.

Al Maqsad Walkway, the new administrative capital

Al Maqsad Promenade, the new administrative capital, City Edge has chosen the strategic and distinctive location in the heart of Al Maqsad Compound, and it will be the first commercial center in the R3 area, in plots D4, D5, as it is located near the financial and business district and minutes away from the Canadian University, European University, Olympic City and the International Airport The new and the presidential palace and the government district. It is also close to the Downtown area, Al Masa Hotel and the Opera House. It is located in the most vital places in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, and it is the first walkway in R3. It is also distinguished as the first project for immediate delivery in the New Administrative Capital, which is distinct from other projects.

Al Maqsad Walking Services Administrative Capital

City Edge Real Estate Development Company has designed the walkway with many distinctive services on vast areas in order to provide all means of comfort and sophistication in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, and these services include:

  • There are walking paths
  • And cycling paths
  • There are also gardens and seating areas
  • There are pergolas and shaded areas
  • superficial parking
  • security management
  • There are also two main elevators for each building.
  • Connections are provided for FTTH.
  • There is also a triple operating system (IP – IP TV, phone – IP Internet).
  • There are also firefighting systems in public places.
  • security cameras
  • There are also central air conditioning.
  • A complex of cafes and restaurants providing services at the highest level.

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