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Mountain View North Coast

Project details:


At km 200 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road

About the project

Mountain View North Coast Resort is entrusted to the Mountain View Real Estate Development and Investment Company

Unit area

Starting from 92 m² to 255 m²

Unit types

Chalets, townhouses, twin houses, villas

Prices start from

Starting from 1,700,000

installment period

3 years later

payment system

10% down payment up to 6 years


fully finished

Details of the Mountain View North Coast project

Mountain View North Coast is a new achievement for the owner company Mountain View for investment and real estate development, as it is one of the leading companies in the field of construction, and it is one of the largest companies in Egypt, as it relies on modern architecture and construction systems.

Features and services of Mountain View Coast

  • It has main doors that are special to enter the village, and it is guarded and monitored around the clock.
  • It has a sandy beach, characterized by turquoise waters and white sand, with a length of 1000 m, offering all water sports and fun activities.
  • It has a special area for picnics, and enjoy the whole village, where it has a distinct package of cafes and restaurants.
  • It also has a park to enjoy the most beautiful and wonderful green landscapes.
  • There is a private car garage
  • There is also a private beach for women, which enjoys full privacy, and is well-equipped and equipped with all services, for the pleasure and comfort of the village ladies.
  • There are also about 19 swimming pools of varying sizes, and they were distributed in a balanced manner throughout the village, to enjoy swimming.
  • There are approximately 40 thousand square meters, which are designated for artificial lakes.
  • An area designated for children’s entertainment only, equipped with modern toys, and completely safe.
  • It also has a meeting building, where everyone can gather with friends and neighbours, and it has free Wi-Fi.
  • There is an integrated commercial area, called agora, and there is a special entertainment area for children.

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