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Bo Island North Coast

Bo Island North Coast Maxim Company

Maxim Real Estate Company is the most company that has made a unique and unique position for itself and designs villages in a modern way and restores beauty and sophistication to the northern coast, where it innovates in its project as usual, Bo Islands North Coast, which gives a different bohemian character and is outside the usual framework with the beauty of the village And its bold colors, and from here it has taken the name, which is (Bo) a logo, a symbol and an abbreviation for Bohemianism, which Maxim Group has taken in its projects in Bou Sidi Abdel Rahman, and they are

  • Bo Sands North Coast.
  • Bo Island North Coast.

Previous work of Maxim Group

It is the business that characterizes the company that owns the Boyland and Busand project, and it is a well-known company that is very distinguished in the real estate market, and its distinguished work in many areas will talk about it.

  1. Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski
  2. Maxim Country Club Compound New Cairo
  3. Maxim Residence Compound shorouk City
  4. The Canyon Compound in New Cairo

Features of Bo Island North Coast

The village also has a set of services with the presence of large facilities and also many advantages, which are the first of its kind that distinguish it from others, in addition to many advantages, which are integrated global services, because Maxim company was keen to provide the best money in the village. The services inside the village and located in it are :

  • Crystal Lagoon ,2Hotel 5 Stars ,Strip Mall,Electric Tram
  • Sea Hup ,Swimming Pools,Martin Club ,cafe ,Club House
  • Sports Area,Health Club ,Beach Activities ,Gym,Spa,Sauna
  • Jacuzzi ,Aqua Park,Restaurants,Hyper Market
  • Security and guarding 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the highest level, and a commercial mall
  • Central high-speed Internet in addition to the use of clean, renewable energy
  • There are also places designated for car parking beside each residential unit
  • There are also water games, recreational games for children, swimming pools and a supermarket
  • There is also a commercial area and entertainment areas with activities and entertainment
  • Attention was also paid to the work of luxury hotel services to serve the largest number of residents and to make the Boyland Resort the entire North Coast that does not need external services at all.
  • And also the service of the first electric tram that connects all places in the village to transport passengers around the village with ease
  • There are also many different areas of villas, townhouses, twin houses and chalets

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